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Biostrand The Sweet One!!!

Biostrand The Sweet One!!!


After three years of Research, Biostrand engaged its first market exchange with its first sale!!!


As a professional cosmetologist, the founder and CEO of Biostrand Ron Thomas began researching different types of hair product ingredients!

Seeing a wide range of damage to varying hair textures that he serviced in downtown Chicago, Ron was driven to gain a far greater understanding of how these various ingredients affected the different hair textures!

In 1987, Ron saw that straight hair seemed to grow faster with less resistance, wavy hair seemed to be moderate and most of the time manageable, while curly hair seems to have the most challenge in growth especially if the hair was treated with chemicals!

By 1992, Ron had relocated into the suburbs and built a diverse range of clientele. Most of whom were professional women from different walks of life and different cultures!

Ron had developed a research team and had been testing a cream-based formula called Phorme that misted into the hair to help provide additional oxygen moisturization.

This approach seemed to keep any hair texture more pliable, responsive, shinier, easy to style, and faster to grow without breakage or thinning.

Even the driest and brittle hair textures begin to show growth improvement! As a matter of fact, by June 1993 Ron had run out of funding and had to begin selling to the clients to keep going and that is when Biostrand Inc. entered the marketplace as an official company!

Twenty-eight years later, Biostrand has a full line-up of naturally based products and conceptually proven hair replenishing systems. Showing astounding results for clients that were previously dissatisfied with their hair.

Mr. Thomas is an expert in wholistic hair & scalp restoration & replenishing. Biostrand‘s approach is to detoxify, re-oxygenate the hair & scalp while treating both with natural nutritional supplements, soothing essential extracts & helps to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

The moment you begin using Biostrand your hair and scalp enters into a utopia of mild and beautiful fragrances, soft creams & shampoos that pamper your hair & scalp in a serene and luxurious hair treatment experience.

The most wonderful part of this simple yet effective hair care treatment program is that you can be just as successful at home and have a spa-type hair treatment. Resulting in shiny, bouncy, beautiful salon-looking hair even after the first treatment!

One Biostrand signature collection will last a client a minimum of 3 to 4 months that is a real economic benefit and pathway to beautiful hair; in natural or chemically treated hair! Purchase yours today! www.Biostrand.com

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