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About Us

About Biostrand

Hair Treatments in South Holland, Illinois

Biostrand, Inc. is a provider of services on hair care in South Holland, Illinois, which was founded in 1993 with the vision to address the needs of any type of hair texture in need of restoration as a result of heat, chemical, or environmental stress. Our answer has been in researching and developing innovative, high-quality, and botanically enhanced formulas designed to continuously condition the hair and scalp. Our development staff has 30+ years of experience in the health and beauty industry with a focus on health, education, training, and application.

To initiate the process of wholistic restoration of the hair and scalp to optimal balance and insure the hair’s high performance and longevity.

· Detoxifies
· Oxygenates
· Naturally Nutritionalizes

To support a ph-balanced environment that promotes optimal hair growth. Our objective is to bring relief to the daily hair environment.

Biostrand products especially addresses the special needs hair structure, which includes:
· Hair suffering from the result of long-term illness
· Fragmented hair structure
· Chemically abused or damaged hair
· Environmentally damaged hair