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Building Hair From The Inside Out

The most powerful beauty comes from a strong foundation.

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Need to keep your hair shining and in good condition all day?

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One way to get this done is through our naturally enhanced hair care products. Our range of products is specially formulated to take care of your hair and give it optimum performance in the most natural way possible without any residual damage. So what are you waiting for? Achieve better hair care in South Holland, Illinois, by availing of Biostrand products today!

  • Mild with light fragrances
  • Heal and correct any disorder in the scalp
  • For both natural and chemically treated hair
  • Work alongside the body’s natural pH

We help you build your hair from the inside out!

What BIOSTRAND products will work with my hair?


Biostrand revitalizes your hair to have it’s childlike qualities by infusing nutrition, hydration, and strength to the root of the hair.


Roots are the core of your hair, and beautiful hair is made from a strong base. Supporting your hair’s natural qualities leads to amazing results.


Biostrand fosters beauty through hair enlightenment, practice, and products the create long lasting results.




Three Products every head of hair should know


When blow drying or using other thermal tools on your hair, there is a risk of the hair being damaged due to a large supply of heat. However, PHORME’ is designed to keep your hair’s natural lustre softness intact, no matter the amount of heat applied. PHORME’ can also be used on any hair type or body to make it shine and glow more. Is your hair a little rough in the middle of the day due to all that working or playing? Apply PHORME’ and get your hair refreshed again.

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Looking to increase your hair strength? FINE’ is just the right product. It also helps to create the natural proper moisture balance and shine that your hair needs to make you glow all around. Other protein products could cause hair dryness but FINE’ counteracts this effect by gradually increasing its strength, maximising your hair’s lustre and shining quality.

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Scalp issues are one of the dreaded hair conditions out there. The hair is prone to dandruff, itching, flakiness and scalp irritations from chemical use. The good news is that lots of products may promise to get rid of these scalp problems, but SCALPASN actually gets the job done. It not only clears up dandruff and other irritations but it also builds up hair follicles which encourages healthy hair growth. This is also complemented with SCALPASN’s ability to retard the bacteria that causes odor.

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