What You Need To Know About Biostrand Products!!
All Biostrand products have been paraben free since 2015…. Ingredients may appear on older packaging. Biostrand products use a naturally derived preservative from Green tea called phenoxyethanol… Biostrand's conditioning formulas contain vitamin B5/pants at all which is a natural element that helps the skin to retain moisture longer and it's natural shine softness and strengthening to the hair… Biostrand products contain SAGE which helps to provide nutrients to the hair and scalp to revitalize strengthen and thick and the hair root... Biostrand products contain NETTLE which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps to protect the scalp and also rich in IRON MAGNESIUM & ZINC which provide nutritional support & bulk to the follicle and hair root. Biostrand products contain HORSETAIL GRASS which helps to thicken the hair and strengthen at the hair follicle and Maximize fullness of every hair strand. Biostrand products contain GLYCERINE which has a very high moisture retention affect on the hair strand allowing moisture to be gathered to the hair from the atmosphere. This optimizes shine and performance! Biostrand products contain HYDROLIZED SILK PROTEIN which is the only protein of its type which helps to oxygenate & moisturize the hair while strengthening and adding maximum elasticity, Strength & Body to each hair strand. Biostrand products contain natural purified SHEA BUTTER which helps to moisturize and heal the scalp and also provides natural shine & moisture to the hair and scalp…

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