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Habits for a Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Habits for a Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Your hair shapes your body. At Biostrand, we believe that beauty comes from the inside. With reliable hair care products and healthy hair habits, one’s hair is sure to stand.

We take care of your hair care in South Holland, Illinois. From conditioning to hair transformation, we offer a diverse collection of products for your needs. Taking care of your hair is just like taking care of any part of the body. One needs to repeat these healthy tips into habits to produce better and continuous results.

Brushing the hair before showering detangles the strands. Wet hair is vulnerable to hair breakage. This prevents hair breakage and tangles when brushing your hair after the bath. The water temperature must be considered. While steamy showers can be relaxing, lower down the temperature to warm and do a quick cold rinse at the end. Eating a balanced diet ensures hair strands are strong. Protein-rich foods help build the hair.

Protecting the hair from the sun is also essential. UV rays damage the skin and hair as well. Other hair-damaging factors also include pollution and dust. Luckily, we have different products to guard your hair.

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