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What Causes Hair Loss in Women and Treatments

Losing your hair can make you freak out. Hair loss doesn’t only happen to men, it happens to women too. Hair loss in women happens just like in men. One thing that you wouldn’t want as a woman who cherishes her hair… is to be left with a bald spot or even a receding front hairline that seems to go too far. Losing your hair can be terrible but hair regrowth for women is possible.

Hair Loss in Women

For most women, hair is more than just a bundle of strands or fibers. Whether short or long, nearly every woman is very attached to her hair. They will do just about anything to keep it in the best shape possible. This is why you find lots of products designed to treat hair and keep it looking its best. All the efforts that women take to ensure their hair is at its best can be attributed to the fact that hair says a lot about someone. It’s an expression of a woman’s style and personality. So if it doesn’t look good, then people, unfortunately, will judge you by it.

The goal of this article is to provide you with information and tips that will help you regain your pride.


The first thing you need to understand is that there is some normal hair loss that happens every day to every human being. It is said that most people lose about 50-100 strands every day, thus there should be no cause for worry when you find a few strands in your hairbrush. That’s the normal hair loss in both men and women. But, if it happens that your hair starts thinning over a period of time or starts falling out in clumps, then this is a symptom for abnormal hair loss, and it would be time to seek treatment to identify the cause and to prevent further loss.

There is no single cause of hair loss in women. However, there are triggers of hair loss in women which range from stress to medical conditions and lifestyle factors. Whenever you realize that you are losing a lot of hair or your hair is thinning out, you need to see a specialist. This sometimes can help identify a specific reason for your hair loss which, when addressed can lead to hair regrowth.

Next are various triggers for hair loss in women.

Thyroid problems

The thyroid gland is located at the front of your neck which produces chemicals which help keep your body functioning properly. Thyroid problems can lead to the production of too much or too little thyroid hormone which can alter the growth cycle of your hair. When you have thyroid problems you might start experiencing thinning hair.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata mainly leads to hair falling out in large patches. This condition happens when your immune system attacks the healthy hair follicles in a much unusual manner. The damage may be very visible but in most cases it’s temporary. By adopting the right practices for hair regrowth for women, your hair should grow back in about 6 to 12 months. On very rare occurrences, some with Alopecia areata may experience full baldness and hair regrowth can be an issue.


There are women who experience ringworm fungus that mainly affects their scalp. When the scalp is affected by the ringworm fungus, it could trigger some kind of hair loss pattern. The scalp can be itchy and have round bald patches. The patches might look red and scaly.

Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles are not good for any woman. They can ruin your beautiful hair. Tight hairstyles tend to cause irritation to your scalp which thus causes hair to fall out. If tight hairstyles are the cause for your hair loss, then you should quit wearing those styles, because long term use of those styles can lead to permanent hair loss.

Treatment of Cancer

Cancer treatment, mainly chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause your hair to take a hit. Both the treatments affect the hair follicles which get severely damaged and, in turn, lead to the falling out of large patches of hair. However, hair loss that happens due to cancer treatment is not permanent. Hair can grow back once you are done with the treatment completely.

Extreme Stress

Stress can be physical or emotional. Extreme levels of stress can take a toll on your hair. Stress can be in form of severe emotional distress, major surgery or serious illness. Hair loss due to stress can always grow back.

Certain Hair Treatments

There are certain hair treatments that can lead to hair loss in women. Treatments using permanents can affect the hair follicles by causing inflammation that eventually leads to hair loss. Continuous use of these treatments can be severe on you scalp such that they lead to scarring which could mean permanent hair loss.

Medications and Supplements

There are certain drugs that are associated with certain side effects that can lead to hair loss. Drugs such as those used for cancer, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, arthritis and gout can cause hair loss. This is usually temporary.


hair loss in women

There are good tips for women to utilize for stopping hair loss and encouraging regrowth. Let’s get to learn some of the best things you can do to regrow your hair after hair loss.

  1. Wash your hair regularly and gently

This is actually practicing good hair care and will ensure healthy hair growth. You should wash your hair and scalp regularly and gently with shampoo and conditioner. By doing this you will promote the regrowth and prevent further damage to your hair.

  1. Apply conditioner to your hair

Conditioning your hair is a great treatment for hair loss. You should be a friend to the conditioner if you really want to regrow your hair. The Biostrand Conditioning/Moisturizing and Styling Mist could be what your hair really needs to regrow in a healthy manner. In addition, it will help prevent further hair loss through breakage and damage control. You should practice using a conditioner after washing your hair. The Biostrand Signature Collection is a good hair treatment program that can be used on all hair types. By utilizing this program your hair and scalp will always have enough moisture and protein required for proper hair regrowth. Additionally, the program provides the required daily amounts of natural conditioning which will ensure your pH level is well-maintained to help minimize breakage.

  1. Massage your scalp

Massage is a very powerful practice for everyone. Massaging your scalp can be a very effective practice that can highly promote the regrowth of your hair. Massaging helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp, thus keeping it healthy and at the same time providing a conducive environment for hair growth. Also, massaging promotes the penetration of any hair treatment shampoos or conditioners.

  1. Eat proper diets containing the right nutrients

Hair says a lot about you, and it can actually be an outward sign of your general health. There are certain vitamins and minerals that help promote the growth and health of your hair. You need to increase the intake of protein which is actually one of the building blocks of your hair. You can get protein from various foods like lean meat, fish, eggs and nuts. Speaking of protein, the Biostrand Signature Collection contains protein and other nutrients that are very beneficial to your hair.

Also, you need to ensure that you are eating foods with the required amounts of zinc. Lack of zinc can actually lead to hair loss.

  1. Style your hair properly

Styling your hair with high heat tools and heavy products can promote hair loss. It is important to style your hair wisely by using lower heat tools and with the right styles like mentioned before are not tight.

EXTRA NOTE: Try sticking with one hair product instead of using lots of different products.

There are a lot of mistakes that people commit when it comes to hair products, and one of them is using different hair products. Hair products from different brands contain different ingredients and when they are used together they can cause conflicting effects to your hair. This may lead to them not serving their purpose. Sticking to one product is beneficial to your hair and it is the only way to ensure the product serves its purpose.

Also, this is the best way to know what is working and what is not. If you trying to grow your hair, how do you know which of the products are contributing to that.


Hair loss in women is not a rare thing. There has always been a myth that it is a man’s problem. This is not true. The best thing about hair loss is that it can be treated and even prevented. By incorporating the right practices for hair regrowth for women, hair can grow back in a healthy manner.

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