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What Mr. Thomas began to notice right away with clients coming to be treated was the massive clogging of the scalp and heavy build-up on the hair strands!

In the development of an effective systematic process to developing a healthy, shiny responsive hair & scalp environment, it became painfully clear that our great attention had to go into removing all of the build-ups on the hair and clogging of the follicles.

When the follicle is clogged or impacted, many problems appear!

The excessive dryness, flakiness, and odors due to bacteria, dried-up puss from chemical residue, and pulling causes damage to the hair root as well as Alopecia Prematura, the early excessive balding and thinning.

To combat this issue, TOXICLENZ, a Sulfate-Free cleansing formula, was developed. It contains Rosemary Mint and Olive Oil to go in and attach to the surface dirt, bacteria, & any other toxins and clean them thoroughly.

Until the hair surface is reached and with all crud is off the scalp surface, Biostrand's formulations cannot be absorbed!

This fact was brought about by the theory of absorbing formula that would help breakdown hardened particles and soothe the scalp below the skin inside of the follicles and or pores.

Thus, SCALPASN was formulated as a liquid cream-based formula that can be used to help in scalp treatment then rinsed; also as a light leave-in for styling & finishing or periodically lightly as needed between cleanings.

From TOXICLENZ & SCALPSASN, we developed an approach in which we mix:

1 part or ounce TOXICLENZ with 2 parts or ounces SCALPASN

Brush hair and scalp first using a wet/dry vent or detangling brush to lift scalp dandruff and dirt.


The mixture is shaken together, apply/spray first to the entire scalp using a spray bottle for ease and then spray out to the hair ends!

Be sure that the product mixture has been applied thoroughly from scalp to ends throughout the entire head, and then the hair should be opened into four sections and covered with two plastic caps.

Note: For clients with excessively dry scalp issues add 15 to 20 drops of #4 - FINE' to the above formula while mixing.

Then, use a warm dryer or heating cap for 20 to 35 minutes, which will help to soften and lift the abrasive drying elements from the hair strands and soften and an un-clog build-up in the follicles.

After the allotted treatment time under the dryer, return to your cleansing station and remove the cap.

Using the tip of your baby finger, create 1-inch sections out of each of the four sections and lightly slide your fingers and thumbs down the hair, starting at the scalp to the end to lightly remove the gummy residue that you will feel on your fingers & thumb.

Repeat this procedure using 1-inch sections throughout the entire head.

With various off pressure, lightly run some water through the hair and then began lathering the formula throughout the hair and scalp using only vertical strokes straight in and straight out, do not make circles as you are scrubbing the scalp.

This process should be repeated for the first 3 to 4 ties with Biostrand treatment whenever you cleanse your hair.

If you have a dandruff issue or you use chemicals such as colors, perms, and straighteners, this same process should be used to assure that all chemical elements have been removed from your hair and scalp.

Performing what we call the super detox will help assure that your hair and scalp are free of all chemical resins, bacteria, puss, and dirt which will greatly reduce the characteristics associated with dandruff, dry scalp itching & flaking!

By applying these principles, you will see less itching and flaking as well as less hair loss and or breakage from things left behind in the hair and scalp that are not beneficial to the three stages of hair growth!

At Biostrand, we are confident that when you properly perform super detoxification on your hair and scalp, your hair will be absolutely beautiful. Use our retail size 'SIGNATURE COLLECTION', which should last an average single user, from 3 months or more!

Dollar for the dollar versus performance Biostrand saves you money! As we beautify your hair!

In our next release, Mr. THOMAS will be speaking on THE IMPORTANCE OF NORMALIZING THE HAIR & SCALP and the beautifying effects of Biostrand Replenishing!


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