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The Importance of Strand and Patch Tests


The Importance of Strand and Patch Tests

Want to dye your hair at home? Every reliable hair product manufacturer will remind you to do a strand and patch test first!

How do you do it? Simply separate an unnoticeable strand of hair (you can try a section near your ear that stays hidden for easier access) at least an inch wide. Apply the mixed dye and developer from the middle part of the strand and let it stay for about 15 minutes before applying to the roots and ends. Make sure that you get as close as possible to the scalp but do not let the dye directly get in contact with the skin to avoid hair and scalp problems.

The heat from the scalp allows the dye to process more quickly at the roots of the hair; this is why you should never start there (unless you’re just retouching your roots), especially when you’re bleaching, dyeing, or getting hair treatments in Illinois for the first time.

Also, putting a bit of dye at the back of your ear or on your inner elbow can help you see if you are allergic to the dye. If you feel any sort of irritation following the patch test, do not use the dye. Do a patch test every time you dye your hair, even with hair care products you’ve already used before.

Biostrand products are essential to the holistic restoration and replenishing of the hair and scalp during and especially after exposure to permanent hair coloring formulas!

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