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The entire approach to BIOSTRAND was unique from any other preexisting hair care company!

Because Ron had worked extensively in varying hair care situations since childhood at his uncle's hair salon, Mr. Thomas was comfortably positioned to begin from a different perspective than other product makers.

He began reviewing the various problems that clients were challenged with and saw a familiar pattern, according to hair type, texture, and growth characteristics.

This automatically shifted the narrative of "what's hot" to what's needed to maximize the client’s hair performance.

Unlike its competitors, the Biostrand started a process with a concept that would help the hair & scalp. Once the concept was identified, the formulation of a product began to come into existence!

THAT'S NOT NORMAL! But that's what makes us at BIOSTRAND so successful on a client-by-client basis.

BIOSTRAND helps make you look BEAUTIFUL as our product directly addresses the actual NEEDS of your hair & scalp!

By using our one-of-a-kind 5-piece SIGNATURE COLLECTION, you start on a wonderful journey to a long-lasting, healthy, beautiful, low-cost, high-quality hair beautification experience!


I say, "low cost" because with BIOSTRAND, less is MORE!

Once you are in our process, you find that you only need small amounts of our products, like the Clinsme, to lather your entire head completely.

In Mr. Thomas's next posting, he will be talking about some of the concepts, like the importance of DETOXIFICATION. Of course, that includes Toxiclenz!


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