What to Know about Blow-Drying Your Hair

What to Know about Blow-Drying Your Hair


What to Know about Blow-Drying Your Hair

Blow-drying the hair is part of grooming. Not only it adds shape and volume to a person's hair, but it also sets the preparation for using hair care products to style them. It's not only women who use a blow dryer; men use them, too. Nowadays, people love to style their hair to look and feel good!

Although blow-drying is quite useful when it comes to putting together different hairstyles, it can also be damaging to the hair. It can cause brittleness, split ends, and breakage. If you are one of those people who love to blow dry their hair, then you will want to know some ways to ascertain that your hair won't dry out quickly.

Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry, you turn the heat of your blow dryer to the highest heat setting to save time. However, this will not only damage your hair, but it will also hurt your scalp. If you don’t want this to happen, you can always plan your errands ahead of time, as per a specialist for hair care in South Holland, Illinois.

At Biostrand, we use an exclusive blow dry approach called “The Air-i-ated Blow-Drying Technique”! This process involves re-directing the airflow at a zero elevation angle past the scalp (yet not directly at the scalp) in different directions using a wide flat paddle or vent brush with nylon bristles attached to a flexible rubber base.

This technique allows the hair to retain maximum Oxygen from Biostrand’s products in each hair strand. The scalp will be well stimulated without being dry or burned and the hair will have its full, natural shine and luster!

If you need hair treatments in Illinois for damaged hair or any hair-related concerns, you’re welcome to contact Biostrand. As a hair product manufacturer, our goal is to keep your hair beautiful and healthy!

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