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Biostrand is intentional in modifying the hair and scalp after a detox treatment has been done!

We don’t believe that people truly realize how important the cleansing phase of any hair treatment can be!

We developed a theory called normalization. Normalization is a process that assures the proper pH balance of the hair & scalp or skin.

We use CLINSME, which is a mildly fragranced Sulfate-Free cleansing lotion for shampooing that helps remove any left behind dirt, oil, and bad elements from the surface of the hair & scalp using a rich, frothy lather!

CLINSME helps make the hair shiny, firm, lustrous & manageable. To help minimize tangles, about 8 to 10 drops of FINE are added to the last lathering!

The manageability goes up so tremendously! Once the proper pH is set in the client’s hair, the moment that you start applying the CORTEPHX, it begins absorbing into the hair and scalp very quickly! This is a wonderful indication that normalization was successful!

You must ALWAYS BEGIN WITH A CLEAN SURFACE to achieve Beautiful Bouncy HAIR!

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