Why Biostrand Works

Why Biostrand Works

Why Biostrand Works

Biostrand was launched from very humble beginnings. The Biostrand team was focused and committed to creating an answer to the special needs of human hair!

The majority of the clients that came to Mr. Thomas have a host of issues that needed correcting with the hair and scalp—that’s where the research began!

Mr. Thomas developed a theory called Cumulative Chemical Exposure. CCE is a theory of an amassing of toxins and related bacteria that gather in the hair and scalp that clogged the pores over time, causing the hair to become dysfunctional.

The basics of this theory are to remove the toxic buildup and add supplements and nutrients that would support the hair and scalp on a consistent basis.

This is where the concept of Phorme was born. Phorme is about creating a light creamy formula that could be lightly misted on the hair multiple times a day and used during the various phases of hairstyling and grooming.

To this day, Phorme is the only product of its type that mist onto the hair for replenishment, beautification, and protection from chemicals & heat.

Almost immediately, we started seeing phenomenal results! Clients were calling and boasting about the fullness of their hair and how their hair was filling in areas where it had been thinning. They also reported less breakage, shinier and bouncier hair, the styles were lasting longer.

We have since added an Ultralight formula for Phorme to help control breakage and thinning while giving a soft luster finish during thermal finishing, hot curling, and flat ironing and gradually aiding in restrengthening each strand.

The light, fine mist from either formula provides additional oxygen to the inside of the hair. So when the heat comes in contact with the hair, the oxygen-enhanced moisture molecules will then help expand & protect the hair strand from dryness, burning, and damage.

From the moment Phorme entered the marketplace, we knew that we had a top seller, and that is the product that gave a foundation and assurance to Biostrand’s position and the hair care industry!

The concept is still a stand-alone approach that the world is yearning to discover and experience!


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