Why You Should Switch to Sulfate-Free Hair Products

Why You Should Switch to Sulfate-Free Hair Products


Why You Should Switch to Sulfate-Free Hair Products

Chances are, you've heard the term 'sulfate-free' when looking into shampoo brands or even when casually browsing your social media feeds.

But what does sulfate-free mean, and why should you consider switching to hair care products without these?

Here at Biostrand, as your trusted provider of hair care in South Holland, Illinois, we will go ahead and say that sulfates are not that bad.

In fact, they are very effective in lifting off grease, grime, and dirt, so they are one of the key ingredients in many household cleaning products.

But sulfates are also a mainstay in many hair care products. And while they can be harmless for people who have stronger tolerance to it, for some people with sensitive scalps and those with chemically treated and processed hair, this is a problem due to the way sulfates strip moisture from the hair.

Here are among its most significant negative effects and why switching to sulfate-free products for your hair along with your proper hair treatments in Illinois is not only a good idea but is also necessary.

  • Sulfates cause frizzy hair and even lasting hair damage.
  • Sulfates cause the scalp to be prone to irritation.
  • Sulfates cause skin and eye irritation.
  • Sulfates mean a longer time for your hair to dry due to the hair’s cuticle being lifted.
  • Sulfates cause follicle stress by removing the ‘liquid cap,’ a protective cap that covers the hair follicles.

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